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Chipped Tooth in Hialeah, FL

A chipped tooth can quickly put a damper on your day, whether it’s due to facial trauma or biting into something hard. In such cases, it’s crucial to contact your Emergency Dentist in Hialeah for prompt treatment. Here’s what you should do if you chip a tooth:


What to Do with a Chipped Tooth:

  • Prioritize any other injuries related to the chip. If the injury was caused by trauma, ensure there are no other medical emergencies. For serious injuries, seek immediate medical attention.
  • Stop any bleeding using gauze and rinse your mouth with warm water or salt water. Over-the-counter medication can help reduce swelling and pain.
  • Retrieve any loose tooth fragments and store them in milk or water. Your dentist may need them for repair or as a reference for restoring your smile.
  • Contact Oramas Dental Center promptly for emergency treatment and guidance on further steps.

Types of Chipped Teeth:

  • Loose or Moved Teeth: The most severe fracture type, occurring within the jaw bone. Diagnosis requires an x-ray and is common in cases of severe trauma.
  • Crown Fracture: A fracture above the gum line, where a piece may chip off or there’s a visible fracture.
  • Root Fracture: Occurs below the gum line, and the tooth may be dislodged or removed entirely. Your dentist will recover any fragments still below the gum line.

Don’t let a chipped tooth ruin your day. Contact our emergency dentist for immediate care and ensure your smile remains intact!


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