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Tooth Extractions in Hialeah, FL

Removing a tooth is a common dental procedure known as dental extraction, performed to address severe decay, infection, or risk of infection. This procedure can be carried out in dental offices by either a dentist or a dental surgeon and typically involves anesthesia to ensure patient comfort.


Types of Tooth Extractions:

  • Simple Extractions: These involve the removal of a tooth using forceps, usually under local anesthesia. The process is straightforward and is opted for when the tooth can be removed in one piece.
  • Surgical Extractions: For more complex situations where a simple extraction isn’t viable, a dental surgeon performs a surgical extraction under general anesthesia. This may involve removing the tooth in pieces to enhance patient comfort.

Post-Extraction Care:

Following a tooth extraction, it’s crucial to adhere to specific care instructions to facilitate healing:

  • Follow any prescribed pain management and antibiotic regimens.
  • Avoid smoking to prevent healing complications.
  • Refrain from spitting, rinsing forcefully, or using a straw within the first 24 hours to protect the blood clot in the extraction site.
  • Start with soft foods post-procedure, gradually reintroducing solid foods, and avoid using the extraction site for chewing.
  • Maintain oral hygiene gently to prevent infection, being cautious around the extraction area.
  • Rest until the effects of the anesthesia have worn off.

A dental extraction should be pain-free. If discomfort arises during the procedure, it’s important to communicate with the dentist for immediate adjustments. Persistent severe pain or bleeding beyond the initial 24 hours necessitates contacting the dentist for further guidance.


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