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Dental Crowns in Hialeah, FL

Teeth play a pivotal role in our daily lives, not just for their aesthetic value but as essential tools for proper nutrition. Therefore, when a tooth is damaged, it’s not just an inconvenience; it can significantly impact your quality of life. To safeguard your dental health and overall well-being, it’s crucial to repair any damaged teeth. At our office, dental crowns serve several key functions to preserve and enhance your smile:

  • Covering Dental Implants: To complete the look and function of dental implants.
  • Preventing Further Damage: Halting the progression of cracks in a tooth.
  • Restoring Fillings: Securing fillings that are at risk of becoming loose or dislodged.
  • Enhancing Smile Aesthetics: Offering a solution for discolored or stained teeth, dental crowns mimic the look of your natural teeth, significantly improving your smile’s appearance.

Caring for Your Dental Crown:

After receiving a dental crown, maintaining diligent care of your teeth becomes even more important. While a crown restores a tooth, it doesn’t render the tooth impervious to damage. With appropriate care, a high-quality crown can last upwards of eight years. Daily brushing and flossing around the crown area are essential to prevent plaque buildup and debris accumulation.

Moreover, it’s vital to be mindful of habits that could jeopardize the crown’s integrity, such as jaw clenching, bruxism (teeth grinding), or consuming hard and brittle foods. Such behaviors can weaken the crown’s adhesion or even cause damage.


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