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Emergency Dentistry in Hialeah, FL

Dental emergencies can be alarming, but ignoring them can lead to permanent damage or costly treatments. Remember the golden rule: seek dental attention within thirty minutes to save your tooth and prevent further complications.


Common dental emergencies include:

  • Knocked-Out Teeth: If a tooth gets knocked out, act quickly. Stop any bleeding, gently rinse the tooth, and try to reinsert it. If not possible, store it in milk and visit your emergency dentist within an hour.
  • Broken and Chipped Tooth: Save any broken pieces, rinse your mouth and the pieces with warm water, and apply gauze to stop bleeding. Seek immediate dental care to avoid further damage.
  • Dental Bleeding: After a facial injury, seek emergency dental treatment to prevent complications, even if bleeding stops after first aid.
  • Broken Wires and Braces: If a wire breaks, try to push it to a comfortable level or use cotton swabs for temporary relief. Do not cut the wire. Seek help from your emergency dentist promptly.
  • Abscess: This infection around the tooth root or gums can be serious if untreated. Visit your emergency dentist if you experience pain or swelling in the gums.


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