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Why Dental Bonding is important for us from your Hialeah Florida Dentistry

Dental Bonding is the process of joining two or more tooth surfaces, usually in the case of a tooth that will be extracted or need to be replaced. The purpose of this is to provide increased stability to the tooth while it is being extracted or while it is being restored. Depending on how the tooth is extracted, the bonding can be temporary or permanent.

When you have a tooth cavity, there are a couple of different ways you can go about fixing it by your Hialeah, FL, Dentist. Full crowns and bridges work by replacing the tooth’s entire dentin and enamel. This way, the tooth is completely restored and does not require any further treatment. On the other hand, a dental bond is a way of restoring the tooth without replacing the tooth’s entire dentin and enamel. This results in a stronger tooth, but will not last as long as a full restoration.

Dental bonding is a very common procedure by your Hialeah, FL, Dentist. It can be used to accomplish a wide variety of things, from a temporary crown to a permanent filling. It’s a fast and easy procedure that can save a patient a great deal of time and money. If you have never undergone this type of procedure before, it may be a good idea to consider some factors before you decide to have it done.

If you’ve ever considered getting dental bonding, you may be wondering what is involved in the procedure. First, it’s important to understand that dental bonding is only used to seal the tooth, not to restore it. Once the bonding is complete, by your Hialeah, FL, Dentist it can be used to help you avoid having to wear a removable partial denture.

In simple terms, dental bonding is a process that physically holds one or more teeth in their proper position within the mouth. your Hialeah, FL, Dentist can use a resin to bind the tooth to the tooth bed. The resin sets and the tooth is securely held in place. You can have a tooth extracted, or a tooth filled, and the bond will hold the new tooth in place.

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